this is my first 2010 post! hmmmm just a few updates im gonna tell.

i spent my new years eve with alyssa thaya nameera latisha jeje radit adit arvy daffa arvy at FX. it was fun! but i dont know why i like new year 2009 better. you should check my previous previous post about those ;)

my birthday is on january 6th. im already 14 now yeayy! i got umm 3 surprises from my friends. first they sang happy birthday on the school canteen with batagor as the cake. ahahaha and i got something from my special someone. andddd on january 7th they did it again! but with cake!! yummmyy the cake was delicious. when school's out, latisha risha nameera did something for me... they pushed me so i'll get wet (it rains outside)! then i got injury..ahhaha but thats ok. love you guys so much <3

and now i kinda miss school. i skipped school for 4 days long cause my asma is kambuh and radang. gua ga tau bahasa inggrisnya apa. its saturday but i cant go anywhere because of this friggin penyakit.

goin offline byebyebyebyeybeebyebyebyeb